We have a massive amount of comics wanting to perform on this stage - usually there are 150 sign ups each week with a database of 600+ comics.

Each week, the following week’s show will be made available to sign up through the calendar. If you are available to perform, click on the show and sign up. If you are unable to perform, please do not sign up.

If selected to perform, you will receive an email notifying you one week prior to the show. If not selected, please continue signing up. Each sign up is logged, tracked, and totaled. Selection is based on who has signed up the most and gone the longest without performing. Selection is at the discretion of the New Talent Night Coordinators.
Do not sign up if you are not available to perform. Play it safe. No sense in being risky and missing out on your call up.
Generally it takes 8 to 10 weeks to get on for your first time, but if you’re patient and call in each week, eventually you will get on. All first timers get a two minute set to show us what they can do.
If you don’t sign up for one week, you do not start over. Your sign ups accumulate and are tallied for each time you sign up to a show. After you perform, your sign up count goes back to zero.
N set is 2 minutes
C set is 3 minutes.
B set is 4 minutes.

A set is 5 minutes.

N stands for Newbie. Everyone starts with a two minute Newbie set to show us what they can do. After that, a Newbie is automatically bumped to a C set. C and B sets are varying levels of local talent. A sets are reserved for pros and “almost famous” comics on the club’s comic roster.
Not exactly…
Depends on the comic. Everyone has a different path from moving up from C set to B set, and to be honest, it can be frustrating.

We are looking to see if you have the basics and have advanced from them - How are you handling your presence on stage? Are you connecting with the audience? What are your laughs per minute? How quick do you get to your first laugh? Is your material quality or hack?

Listen to the notes and stats given to you at each New Talent Night and do your best to apply them as you move forward. Watch other performers on your night and other nights. Work your material on mics around town. Bring your best material to the club every time you perform. And at worst - just ask us! We are happy to assist with one-on-one feedback.
How’s the saying go? If you have to ask...
A standby list is posted at the entrance one hour prior to the show and made available at the entrance of the club up until 30 minutes prior to the show. If a spot becomes available, we select from the standby list. The evening’s final line up is posted generally 15 minutes prior to the show, which is when you will find out whether or not you have been selected for the evening’s performance.

Please note: Newbie comics are not selected from the standby list - only C sets and higher.
We never know what’s going to happen on any given Tuesday. Please follow the above standby list procedures, reach out to the New Talent Night Coordinators to introduce yourself, and be sure to find the New Talent Night Coordinators the night of show. We cannot make any guarantees or promises to out of town comics, but we do try our best to make any accommodation.
If you signed up through the website, you will receive an email one week before the performance - usually the Wednesday prior to the Tuesday show.

If you signed up on the standby list, you will find out when we post the list by the green room, usually 15 minutes prior to the show.
Please reach out to newtalentinfo@comedyworks.com
Please reach out to newtalentinfo@comedyworks.com
Yes! Use the promotional code NTN online at check out, which will zero out your online ticket purchase. You still have to enter your credit card information, but your card will not be charged or logged.
If you are on the show, you may order from the bar. If you are not on the show, you will have to order from a server and adhere to the two item minimum policy.
Depends. If the show is not well sold or sold out, you may hang out in the back of the room. If the show is sold out, you may be out of luck and not be able to hang out during the show. In scenarios like this, if you are sitting in the showroom and a server comes up to you asking for your order, you are now considered a member of the audience. You either need to leave the show altogether or you need to adhere to the two item minimum, order from your server, and tip your server at the end of the night.

If you are on the show, you can hang out in the green room. Please always keep aisles and walkways clear for servers and door staff.
We always encourage comics to attend other shows at Comedy Works. Please remember, when you attend the show, you are considered an audience member. You are to follow the two item minimum rule and expected to tip your server.

Wrap Dates:
Sunday through Wednesdays (aka “Wrap Dates”) are generally local talent. We always encourage calling ahead to find out availability, but if you’re in the neighborhood, you can always stop by and ask the box office as well. Please do not say, “Hey, can I get in free tonight?” or “Are there comp tickets tonight?” There may be other patrons and customers around who have purchased or are looking to purchase tickets. Instead, say, “I’m a New Talent comic and hoping to see the show tonight. Is that possible? No worries if it’s not possible.”

Prime Time:
Thursday through Saturday are prime time shows. If it’s one of your all-time favorite bucket list comedians, always better to buy a ticket. Otherwise, call the club, request to speak with a manager, and if there is any ability for you to attend the show, they will let you know.

Keep in mind, Thursday nights and late shows on Friday and Saturday are the times most likely to have availability. Friday and Saturday early shows tend to be the first to sell out.
Be kind to the staff. Say hello to them. Learn their names. Introduce yourself. Always tip your server and bartender.

Try your darndest to be as funny as possible, and have a bunch of fun.