Title Body Date Posted
Line up for 9/29 NTN. Downtown club.

Please bring proof of Vax and a mask. Check in by 7:30. 

Host: Hannah Jones



Roger Stafford

John Davis

Kallan Reece

Nicholai Roscoe

Nic Dean

Gabby Reed

Cody Cardinal




Greg Cherry

Ryan Bonnell

Billie Jo Gillespie 

Dylan Williams

Josh Mazek



Josh Donoghue

Geoff Gundy

CJ Gauvain 

9/15 NTN Line up. Downtown Club.


Noah Reynolds



Korey David

Katie Bowman

JD Lopez

Cody Ullrich

Greg Di Muro

Britt Boyd 



Osheè Baugus

Ben Kissam

Sam Gates

Ryan Burmester

Eddie Schroback

George Delgado

Sherri Harper

Brian Sullivan



Catherine Klauss

Phillip Cano

Dylan Kantor

Line up for 9/08 NTN. Downtown Club.

Please wear a mask and have proof of vax. Check in by 7:30 or lose your spot to stand-by. 

Host: Jacob Rupp


Mandy Kay

Meghan DePonceau 

Patrick Richardson

Brady Quarterman

Harrison Garcia

Hannah Jones

James Draper



Jacob Jonas

Bradley Garcia

Aaron Graham

Alec Flynn

Louis Martinez



Darius Dinkins

Anastasia Bond

Andrew Scalia

Phoebe Tweed

Proof of Vaccine Now Required


Please have your vaccination card (or a negative COVID test result within 72 hours of the performance) and matching state-sanctioned ID ready for review upon entry.
Note: Home tests will NOT be accepted.

Photos or digital copies of vaccination cards are acceptable.

Digital copies may be obtained at: Colorado Immunization Information System website or My Colorado website

For more information, please visit the Comedy Works COVID-19 page

List for 9/01 NTN at the downtown club


Luke Gaston

Jeff Stonic

Jeff Nelson

Andie Main

Evan Johnston

Eeland Stribling

Dorell Green

Ricky Ramos



Kate Strobel

Alex Linton

Apples Appleton

Jerrod Briggs

Lisa Lane



Emily Kingsley 

Phoebe Tweed

Ali Kareem

Video Announcement!

Right now we ARE NOT recording the shows. Therefore we CANNOT get you a video of your sets.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

We hope to bring back video recordings at some point, but do not plan on getting a copy of your set right now.
Thanks for understanding!

List for the 8/25 NTN at the downtown club

Please check in by 7:30 or your spot will be given to someone on stand-by 


B sets

Austin Black

Ricky Ramos

Austen Brinker

Preston Tompkins

Josh Emerson

John Davis

Salma Zaky


C sets

Christina Kleeman

Elliot Weber

Dayna Mctavish

Kelsey T Wood

Jennifer Sutherland


N sets (2 minutes) 

Rudy Garcia

Aldon Hoag

Queen Phee

New Talent Night is Back Downtown - August 18!
You read that right. NTN is coming back to the downtown club starting Aug 18!
Each event states the registration period, how to register, and how you will be notified of selection. Friendly reminder that you must login in order to register.
You must register to be considered for selection. If a show is closed to registration, you are either too early to sign up or missed the sign up/registration period and cannot be added to the consideration.
If you know you will not be able to perform on a particular date, do not sign up or else risk having your sign up counter set to zero.


Please read the FAQ, read previous announcements, and read descriptions in the events themselves.
For Posterity's Sake

"Hi you've reached the [sign up website] for New Talent Night at Comedy Works.

This is where we'll post the list for [next week's] show, and also where you sign up for the [week after next's] show. To sign up just [login/create an account and register for the week after next's show].

Don't bother leaving your phone number [or anything else] and please only sign up if you're available for the [week after next's] show.

We get over 150 [online sign ups] on this [website] each week, so it takes a while to get on for your first time - usually about [holy shit, we have a backlog] weeks.

But if you're patient and sign up each week, eventually you will get on. All first timers get a 2 minute set to show us what they can do.

And please work on your act on other stages around town. For a list of those visit 5280comedy.com."

For those wondering, yes I did that from memory. Happy signing up!

July 15 New Talent Night

Here's the list!


Katie Bowman
Ben Dailey
harrison garcia
Ryan Nowell
Donelle Prado-Marquez
Patrick Richardson
Eeland Stribling
Mo Vida
Lizzy Wolfson
Brittany Boyd
Cody Cardinal
Elise Kerns
Rosalie Jaymes-Taylor
Can Sun
Dylan Williams
Greg Cherry
Melissa Leavenworth
Jade Rose


New Talent 7/15/21 Is Live!

Please log into your account (create one if you haven't already). Use the "Forgot Password" function if you...
Oh I don't know, say... forgot your password or can't login.

Click "Show Calendar" on the top menu.

Navigate to July by clicking the right arrow at the top of the calendar.
(Hint: you don't see the show pop up right away because you're looking at the month of June)

Click on the 7/15/21 show and click "Register for Show."

We'll still get email inquiries about what's addressed above, but by golly I'll still answer 'em!

Thursday 6/3 New Talent Night Line-up

If you are on the show, please be at Comedy Works SOUTH by 7:00 to check in.

Nora Lynch
John Novosad
Geoff Tice
Zac Maas
Derrick Rush
Mike Hammock

B sets (4 minute sets):
Shanel Hughes
Sammy Anzer
Miriam Moreno
Anthony Crawford
Brett Hiker
Harris Alterman
Andie Main

C sets (3 minute sets):
Mandy Kay
Jeff Stonic
Aaron Graham
Catherine Shea
Josh Grambo

N sets (2 minute sets):
Monie Jonezy
Kelsey Wood

There is no stand-by list for this show. If you are not booked, please do not come to the show unless you pay for tickets. If you’d like to come support, please message Roger or I and we can give you promo codes to get in to the show on the cheap.

Wed, June 2nd NTN Rescheduled to Thurs, June 3rd

New Talent has been rescheduled by one day.

Originally scheduled for June 2nd. Now scheduled for June 3rd.
If you signed up for this performance but can no longer perform on the rescheduled date,
please email newtalentinfo@comedyworks.com to have your sign-up removed.

Thank you

Sign Ups for 6/02/2021 Now Open!

Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Log into your account or create a profile (top right of your screen)
  2. Click Show Calendar (also top right of your screen)
  3. Click the event on the calendar for Wednesday, June 2nd
  4. Click the button that says "Register for Show"
  5. When prompted with "Are you sure?" Click OK
  6. Check your email for confirmation of sign up
  7. Re-read the instructions and consult the FAQ before reaching out

Thanks everyone!

Want To Be on NTN? Make a Profile!

Wow look at that, we're comin back! ... kinda!

New Talent Night is going to slowly roll out as restrictions lift. Please be patient as we are doing the best we can.

The way of voicemails and hotlines are being retired. We're updating our 80s technology and moving into the early 00's! Goodbye pagers! Hello AOL Instant Messenger! In other words, as we move forward to select comics for New Talent Night, we’ll use the website as our main resource. We encourage you to do the same.

If you haven't yet, please make a profile. Use the "forgot password" function for login credentials. Please check the show calendar for New Talent events for signing up. Normally we’d have shows booked in advance, but due to COVID, it will be a show by show. We’ll be making announcements on Facebook during gap times, but it’s a great time to develop a habit of checking back here for more info!

Thanks everyone!

New Talent Night 05/06/21

I'd post the lineup here, but every time I do, I'm screaming, "Holy text formatting, Batman!"

To see the lineup for the 05/06/21 New Talent Night at the South Club, CLICK HERE!

New Talent Website - Welcome!

At long last - Comedy Works' New Talent program is moving from voicemails, Facebook, and spreadsheets to its own bonafide website! From here you can:

  • Sign up for shows
  • Receive email alerts for both signing up confirmation and when you are selected to perform
  • News and updates for all related and upcoming shows

Create an account and take a look around! We are looking forward to growing and expanding this platform.

If you experience any issues, please send an email to newtalentinfo@comedyworks.com